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New clients of Schallerbacher PR agency Wier

New clients of Schallerbacher PR agency Wier

Bad Schleierbach. Robert Weir's PR agency in Bad Schallerbach can look forward to many new clients active on an international level.

The Wier Agency in Bad Schallerbach, a public relations company founded in 2003, is on the road to success. Managing director Robert Weir is happy about this. You can look forward to many new clients: such as companies Biohort, Ascendor, Sparkasse Eferding-Peuerbach-Waizenkirchen, hali or Gut Aiderbichl Austria and Germany.

The company now has its own website Redesigned and provides important information about the PR agency's range of services.

The scope of services includes creating public relations concepts, planning long-term strategies as well as developing and implementing new public relations ideas in the form of press releases and press conferences. “Traditional press support is also very important for many companies right now,” Weir adds.

In addition to numerous commercial companies, the agency also looks after professional athletes such as the Welser Welt Felbermeyer cycling team, world-class handcyclist Walter Aplinger, and sporting events such as New Year's Eve in Burbach.

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