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New concept for hip hop festival in Racino

New concept for hip hop festival in Racino

Rolling Loud in Ebreichsdorf is expected to have 50,000 visitors per day this weekend. There should be improvements when it comes to arrivals and departures.

After the chaos of departure and long traffic jams, we finally went to the rock band concert. Metallica in Ebreichsdorfthe organizers for this purpose Loudly Trading Festival Promise a new concept this weekend.

The international festival series, founded in the USA in 2014, brings many of the most famous rap and hip-hop stars to Lower Austria from Friday to Sunday.

headlines Nicki Minaj, Playboy Carti And Travis Scott It is expected to attract up to 50,000 visitors daily.

What is this Transport concept As for the organizers, improvements have been made. In order to control the number of visitors arriving by transport there is a mandatory “Travel Tickets“, which had to be booked in advance.

Buses from Vienna

According to the organizer, you need a free “travel ticket” every day. Internal busOr train or car If the quotas are exhausted, you will have to choose another way to get there. Due to the limited availability of the train, the organizer strongly recommends it. Free shuttle buses from Vienna to use.

there Pedestrians leaving B16 in Ebreichsdorf It was paralyzed, and it will be closed. 22 o'clock Prohibited. There are other paths with pedestrian signals.

Safety in focus

Last year's edition of Noisy festivals trader In Munich it is not only remembered positively. At that time there were riots by “violent young visitors”, and the police eventually had to intervene. 400 government employees Intervene in a non-escalatory manner.

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The organizer said lessons learned from this. However, no one was injured and no containers were burned. In Racino Ebreichsdorf “We are positioned accordingly,” explained Matthias Rotermund of Live Nation Austria.

Municipality re-imposes entertainment tax

the Ebreichsdorf Community However, he has so far lost a small fortune on concerts held at the Racino site. Ebreichsdorf already had that in 2017. Entertainment tax canceled.

This has now been 'fixed' for future events, a similar resolution was passed at a local council meeting a few days ago, and in the future events with 500 or more participants will receive three percent of the total amount. Ticket revenue As an entertainment tax in the municipal treasury.

In the case of two concerts or two festivals, the amount could have reached several hundred thousand euros.