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New Contemporary Literature: Catherine Butt Publishes New Book

New Contemporary Literature: Catherine Butt Publishes New Book

Artist, director, singer and author Catherine Butt has published her second book with Artfilm Productions, which will soon be available to order and purchase from Amazon, Thalia and in all bookstores. The text of the book “The Light” was funded by the Federal Ministry of Culture and the Arts with a work grant for literature, and part of the text was also published in the literary magazine Litrobona in the special issue on Franz Kafka.

connection to the book “The Light”

A short excerpt from the blurb: “Like every day, Andrei Bregens made his way to the first district. He walked down the slightly sloping street with snow falling under his feet. A few people walked by with their thick bags wrapped in winter coats, in good spirits, as if they were going to a party. He even buttoned up his coat, because it was cold.”

It also states that The Book of Light is actually a non-new novel. Through brief descriptions of people, illustrated with photographs and posters by Katrin Putt, Kattrin Putt weaves an overall picture of Austrian society that shows a rug of shock, but also of amazement. Open wounds become visible, which can be horrific. It sounds funny, poetic, exciting, Touching and deep. But it also points to the sparkle that appears there. A sparkle of sympathy and love that can show a way out and is a way to find happiness André Bregenz, who wonders who are really good people? Does the court, politicians, and even he have the right to judge others because he is not himself a saint Or they describe eight-year-old Anna, who was inhibited in her childhood, did not dare to dance freely in ballet class and when her brother died, a movie played before her inner eyes and she saw her at that time twelve-older brother when she was still Baby girl, he abused her.

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Contemporary literature and interesting stories with wit, humor, sophistication and much more. Versatile artist Catherine Butt can also be seen as an actress in Ani Novakovic’s short film Cranberry Juice on the Flimmit platform (with Aaron Karl, etc.) and has also played a role in Sandeep Kumar’s Happy with Lillian Klebow and Roland Düringer (among others), which will be released in Theaters in 2024.