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Vineyard Friendship: First time limited wine from Reichenau

Vineyard Friendship: First time limited wine from Reichenau

Recino. From the twinning town of Reichenau and Latisana (Italy), the vineyard of friendship has been established on the castle walls 15 years ago. The vines were a gift from Latisana to celebrate the community’s 50th anniversary. As part of a training course, Deputy Mayor Michael Sellar met senior winemaker George Schneider and decided to become a “hobby winemaker”. Together, we’ve got our vineyard running again.

Unfortunately, the first harvest was eaten by hungry birds. In 2020, it was time: All the grapes from the young vineyard were fermented, pressed, and stored in a tank. The result: 70 liters of a unique red wine for the first time from Reichenau. “It was exciting to me the potential results at almost 500 meters above sea level, the highest wine-growing region in Lower Austria, at the foot of the River Rax,” says Trattendorf wine expert Georg Schneider. After the ceremony, the “Schloss-Reblaus 2020” was baptized and tasted by the spiritual advisor Heimo Sitter and the Almbleamal singing group in Schloss-Stuben with guests from Italy and Reichenau.

Deputy Latisana Ezio Simonen with Mayor Johan Ledolter.

Baptized and tasted
There were: Foreign Minister Alfred Fiennes, Gram Franz Tisch, W. c. Hans Liedolter and Martina Ridinger.

From left: Best Winemaker Georg Schneider from Trattendorf, Deputy Michael Cellar, Deputy Latisana Ezio Simonen and "Geo" scheider.
The phylloxera matured on the walls of Reichenau Castle in 2020.

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