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New details and new gameplay video

New details and new gameplay video

While All eyes are open Resident Evil Village The latest major entry in the survival horror series coming out next month, we recently received an announcement that we could revisit another popular part of the franchise with a VR version, and that is Resident Evil 4. The game is considered exclusive to Oculus Quest 2 Advertise it and it appears to be more than a simple outlet. Some new details about the VR release were revealed today.

In the Oculus Games Show We learned some details about the game. Aside from gameplay material, we’ve seen this take a new twist on the classic title that was originally released in 2005. The first obvious difference is that this version plays in first person, but there are also menu changes and weapon swaps. This is of course due to the fact that the whole thing should be more enjoyable for VR players. Virtual reality and third-person perspectives do not fit either. It also has some improved gameplay and various motion options to better counteract motion sickness.

Resident Evil 4 VR It will be later this year Oculus Quest 2 Chest.

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