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Battlefield (Arbeitstitel) (Shooter) von Electronic Arts

The next Battlefield segment was confirmed in late 2021; A mobile branch planned for 2022

At investor conferences in recent months, Electronic Arts has repeatedly confirmed that a new Battlefield will be released at the end of the year. Today was announced Battlefield siteAfter all, the shooter will be introduced in the next few months. It is said that the “largest development team” will work on Battlefield for PC and console. The planned deployment period (end of 2021) has been confirmed again. Additionally, work is underway on a mobile branch of Battlefield, which will debut in 2022, but will be completely separate from the PC / console version.

Oscar Gabrielson (General Manager dice): “While our friends at Criterion and DICE LA work with us on our shared vision for the game, the team in Gothenburg is taking game technology to a whole new level. Together we are developing an amazing gaming experience you can look forward to at the end of 2021! (…) we’re now doing! With daily tests: we fine-tune the balance and create the best Battlefield possible. This is a really big step. The game has everything we love about Battlefield – and keeps everything on a new level. Epic proportions. Military warfare. Insane and unexpected moments. More gamers and chaos than ever before… all with the power of consoles and next-generation computers.

It’s still unclear which consoles the game will be released for, but Gabrielson talks exclusively about next-generation consoles and PCs in the last sentence.

Battlefield for smartphones and tablets is realized in collaboration with Industrial Toys. It should be a standalone game and totally different from the console and PC title.

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Oscar Gabrielson: “IToys is developing it from the ground up so you can play Battlefield on the go and enjoy a complete skill-based experience. The mobile game is now in testing phase before it launches next year, so be prepared for more details.”