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New high-tech missiles from Israel and US: Netherlands prepares for…

At least 3.6 billion euros will flow into the expansion of the Dutch armed forces to deter Russia. A joint missile system is to be developed with Germany.

Hack. On the day Finland joins NATO as the 31st member, the Netherlands will also fly its flag. Holland wants to massively upgrade and “continue to play an important role” in NATO. “We will order new missile systems, equip our navy with new ships and strengthen our air force,” announced Foreign Secretary Christoph van der Maat in an interview with De Telegraaf newspaper. In addition, the Netherlands plans to develop missile systems “together with Germany” in the future, van der Maat announced.

According to van der Maat, the Netherlands wants to spend “at least 3.6 billion euros extra” on expanding its armed forces. The new military spending complements a military buildup in the Netherlands, which has already ordered 35 new F-35 fighter jets from the United States, 15 of which have already been delivered. However: Some of the new medium- and long-range missile systems ordered by Holland were not ordered in the United States. The Netherlands ordered them in Israel.

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