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New IFA client model in Graz with 22 new apartments »Lederzent

New IFA client model in Graz with 22 new apartments »Lederzent

| Editorial Board

| 02.10.2022

Private investors have invested millions in the subsidized housing project.

According to the company, the customer form as well as “Dornschneidergasse 27” is “100 percent signed”. The start of sales was in May 2022.

Total investment 61 million euros

Private investors participated in the subsidized housing project with a total investment of €8.1 million. This means that in 2022, IFA was able to place four projects with a total investment of more than 61 million euros. With this investment in real terms, investors will benefit from consolidated post-completion residential real estate, strong, inflation-resistant long-term rental income, joint rentals for an initial period of 20 years, personal entry into the land registry, public subsidies and tax credits.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall, and by spring 2024 IFA intends to build 22 new apartments with private open spaces such as loggias or terraces.

“There is a demand for affordable, high-quality living spaces in the growing city of Graz. Rapid placement of real estate investment “Dornschneidergasse 27” confirms the attractiveness of long-term, stable real-value investments with reliable solidity, resistance to inflation and stable returns. IFA AG has extensive experience throughout the life cycle The entire property portfolio, from development to construction and long-term management of properties.This ensures that investors benefit from their investment from the start and for the long term, reports Michael Meidlinger, Chief Financial Officer of IFA AG.

All information about this and other investments is available over here.