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Cybercrime: Guests take a look at the Darknet

Cybercrime: Guests take a look at the Darknet

During an exciting evening, speaker Daniel Rosgatterer explained how quickly businesses can fall victim to cybercrime attacks.

cane. Volksbank Oberösterreich invited its clients to a very interesting and hot topic in Reed. Under the title “Cybercrime – How I Protect My Company,” Volksbank brought Daniel Rosgatterer, Managing Director of Secutec GmbH, a top-tier specialist who provided participants with exciting and real-world insights into the world of hackers.

Attacks on businesses are on the rise

Attacks on companies are currently increasing. Hackers’ techniques are becoming more professional and more and more companies are forced to pay a ransom. Daniel Rossgatterer has shown how you can intelligently protect your company with cybersecurity and why you should prepare with professionals for a possible ransomware attack. Sabine Baumberger of Volksbanken Versicherungsdienst was also invited to present options and precautionary measures to mitigate the economic consequences of a cyber attack. Concluding the event with a buffet, the participants had the opportunity to speak to the speakers in person.

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