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New iOS 15.4: These emojis are now coming to iPhone |  life and knowledge

New iOS 15.4: These emojis are now coming to iPhone | life and knowledge

Also new: Face ID works with mouth and nose protection

New features and emojis for iPhone!

Apple will release iOS 15.4 software version for its smartphones next week. It can be downloaded on all models of iPhone 6S (2015). The update brings a number of innovations.

► Face ID now also unlocks iPhone when wearing a mouth and nose guard. The function must be activated once in the settings under Face ID & Code.

If the “Face ID with Mask” option is turned on, Face ID only analyzes the eye area to identify the iPhone owner. Previously, mask wearers could only unlock their iPhone using facial recognition if they were wearing an unlocked Apple Watch at the same time.

► With iOS 15.4, a whole bunch of new emojis have landed on iPhone. The Unicode Consortium had lowercase symbols last fall recommended. Now emojis are coming to iPhone, including a bunch of new smileys: a melting face, a wide-eyed one staring through its fingers, and another holding back tears.

Besides the smileys, there will be different hand gestures, an x-ray, a disco ball, a gender-neutral person with a crown and pregnant man Added to emoji selector.

► Also new: After updating to iOS 15.4, the EU Covid digital certificate can be stored in the ‘Health’ app so you can prove an individual’s vaccination status.

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