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New name for Google AI: Bard becomes Gemini

New name for Google AI: Bard becomes Gemini

Google offers three variants of its language model under the name Gemini, which vary in performance and scope:

  • Gemini Nano: This compact model is specifically designed to run locally on smartphones. It provides fast and efficient voice processing right on your device, ideal for everyday tasks and queries.
  • Gemini Pro: The standard version of Gemini will be integrated into many Google products. It offers a balanced combination of performance and versatility to meet most user needs.
  • Gemini Ultra: As the flagship of the series, Gemini Ultra represents the most powerful language model. It is capable of handling even the most complex requirements and is specifically designed for demanding applications and users.

Still awaiting its official launch, Gemini Ultra promises to redefine the limits of what artificial intelligence can achieve. This model will be shippable and will, among other things, form the basis for Bard Advanced, a further development that provides more options for dealing with complex AI tasks.

The original of this article first appeared on Schmidt's blog

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