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New reference for GTA 6? Maybe society hopes for nothing

from Valentine Sattler
A voice actor claims that he has landed a role in a future GTA project and that there will be a trailer for it soon. This gave rise to hopes for the announcement of GTA 6 in the network. But even if the story is true, it will most likely be an update for GTA Online.

With GTA 5, Rockstar Games has been a huge success. The game was first released on consoles in 2013 and on PC in 2015 ever since Sold over 150 million timesAnd the online branch of GTA Online continues to receive new updates today.

The Voice Actor is said to have landed a role

Eight years after the first release, in the eyes of many fans, it is slowly time for a successor in the form of GTA 6, but nothing is officially known about this yet. Therefore, the fan base likes to rush to purported clues about the development of the game, as there was one recently on Facebook.

There voice actor Dave Jackson posted a message yesterday. In this he claimed that he was hired by Rockstar Games for the speaking role. Accordingly, he must talk to a police officer named Captain McClane in a new game in the GTA series. Assuming that the game in question is GTA 6 He will act, he was not far off for many fans.

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News about Jackson’s alleged new role spread so quickly that he felt compelled to make a later statement. In this he claimed that he made it clear that he released the information with Rockstar and that there should be a trailer for the new project soon. according to Request from Reddit user Jackson doesn’t even know which game has already been contracted. And he doesn’t know anything about the plot either.

While it’s entirely possible that Rockstar Games has GTA 6 in the works, and that Jackson will be a part of it, the whole story doesn’t seem entirely conclusive. There are usually strict non-disclosure agreements in place that prevent such information from being published. So it would be more reasonable that Jackson’s statements simply do not apply, or that it is indeed a new GTA project, but simply mean an update to GTA Online.

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