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New scam: Calls from alleged Amazon employees

New scam: Calls from alleged Amazon employees

Phone scammers pretend to be Amazon employees and want to obtain personal data. About 100 such cases were reported to RTR within 24 hours.

Austria. “In the latest scam, which we recently became aware of through several complaints, the scammers pretend to be Amazon employees on the phone. They mostly speak English and try to use very simple tricks to ask for personal data from the person they call,” warns Klaus M. Steinmauer, Director General of the RTR Company for Communications and Postal Department.

Under no circumstances disclose data

According to RTR, scammers promise an Amazon coupon or have information about an order. To do this, they pretend to need the account details of the person connected to it, Steinmaure says. “Many of us are waiting to get a package from Amazon every day, so there is a very high chance that scammers will call someone who is just waiting for a package and is therefore particularly receptive to supposed calls from Amazon,” says RTR Managing Director. . However, he contends, no reputable company would contact their customers to request extensive confidential data.

So the recommendation for such calls is to treat them with “a healthy mistrust” and, if necessary, to report the call. If you have provided your data by mistake, you must contact the police immediately.

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