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Smartas: Of course we can achieve climate change.

Smartas: Of course we can achieve climate change.

it’s easy:
We need electricity instead of fossil fuels. Electricity from renewable energies. I prefer wind turbines, lots of wind turbines, because wind doesn’t cost us a dime. So we ban internal combustion engines and make a law to build many wind turbines. On the horizon, of course, as high as possible, because there is always a gentle breeze blowing.

Now migratory birds have returned to breeding in Central Europe.
Migratory birds do not orient themselves in places during migration. They use other means of guidance, such as thermals. Migratory birds do not fly to nesting sites with their eyes. They have means of orientation of which we humans still have very little idea. These landmarks do not include wind turbines on the horizon. Wind turbines are not included in their guidelines, on the contrary!

Wind turbines are traps for migratory birds.
Tens of thousands of migratory birds are killed by wind turbine blades every year. Small migratory birds do not stay on the ground for a long time, and predators such as the marten immediately. The larger ones, yes, sometimes find them until they are taken away by foxes, badgers or other predators.

Of course we are creating climate change.
We have even been responsible for the decline in bird populations. We know very well that agriculture and many others are responsible for the sharp decline in bird populations. We know now. In a few years we will know better. So build wind turbines, because now we know just how we want to achieve energy transition. In a few years, we’ll know just how stupid this wind turbine idea is for our region, in a time of climate change.
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