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New sports series launched -

New sports series launched –

The ten-part series was presented on Wednesday by ORF Country Director Werner Herkes and Sports Adviser Heinrich Dorner (SPÖ). The series is designed by the sports division ORF Burgenland for TV, Radio and Internet. From the talented sailing duo – to the avid tennis player or young diver – young local athletes must be rewarded for their hard work and exemplary training.

We rarely have young athletes. This is a series where we can introduce them and show how much time they invest and how important it is to them. Usually when you prepare a report it comes down to numbers, data and facts. In the series, you can show how much spirit and spirit it has captured, ”says sports editor Daniela Wendish. Vendish said it’s definitely also meant to be a catalyst for younger athletes.


Sailors Laura Faris is one of the photographed athletes

Motivating young athletes

The new sports series has many positive effects for Minister of State for Sports Dorner. “I think the time is a good time to start this series. On the one hand, it is to give these future hopes a stage in Sportland Burgenland – so that their careers get an extra boost. On the other hand, it is an appreciation from the clubs and federations here in Burgenland. It should also be like An incentive for young athletes who have not had the opportunity to practice their sport for a long time. With these contributions, we hope that young people will also remain loyal to the sport, pursue it again and see the incentives here to do so professionally, ”says Dorner.

Put your talent in the spotlight

“With this series we want to show that we have a lot of young athletes in Burgenland who are a promise for the future. It is also important that we show the kind of commitment and the amount of discipline required. You can also see that this is not just a contribution to health, but sport in general is something that contributes. Also in character development, “said ORF country director Werner Herkes.

The new sports series “Medal Hunt – Burgenland’s Sportstars of Tomorrow” begins next Wednesday, May 19. The ten episodes are on Radio Burgenland, 7:20 PM after “Burgenland heute” on ORF 2, and also online.

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