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New Stables: Banner Farm focuses on transparency and animal welfare

New Stables: Banner Farm focuses on transparency and animal welfare

A look at the Banner family’s new stables shows just how comfortable the Pigs feel in their new home. They sleep peacefully in their sleeping area until late in the morning, and until evening they use the last light of day to frolic and play.

Neusedl is close to guessing. Joachim Banner and his family have been working in the new stables of up to 180 pigs for a long time. “While planning, we made the most of our business,” says the farmer happily. In addition to the high, open stables, the most important building criteria were air circulation and natural sunlight. The barn runs almost entirely without electricity. Only automatic feeding is assisted.

A look behind the scenes

In March 2022, the conversion and extension began. A year later, the pigs moved to their new home. “We deliberately took our time building, also because we did the work alongside our actual farming work,” Banner explains. The individual berths consist of a sleeping and lounging area as well as a feeding and manure area. Pigs lie entirely on hay. Transparency is paramount to the Banner family. “As a direct marketer, you have to connect with customers,” says Banner. Therefore, those interested can also take a look behind the scenes of the family farm.

Family support

Sandra and Joachim Banner receive great support from their two sons, Pascale and Jonas. Whether in the stable, in the field or in the sausage kitchen, the young people are excited about it, the parents are happy. Son Pascal passed his apprenticeship as a meat handler with distinction in 2020.

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Circular economy

The Banner family runs the recycling department at a high level. “Our little piglets are raised by the mother. We take care of our animals from start to finish,” explains Joachim Banner. Forage also comes from growing our own grain and corn.

In addition to a wide range of sausages, smoked products and spreads, the family increasingly sells fresh meat. “Since we slaughter every week, you can also order pork from us.” If Banner goes well, it is possible that restaurants in the area will soon be supplied with fresh meat.

At Panners Farm Store, you can also find products from their own free-range cattle and geese. Farmers’ specialties are also available for sale in regional supermarkets.

The Farm Shop is open Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM and on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12 :00 pm.