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New stories from Bomukul |  Artificial intelligence now speaks from sprite

New stories from Bomukul | Artificial intelligence now speaks from sprite

Old Eder would have said it differently, but the master carpenter was also cursing enthusiastically. “Damn, it's too late now,” is the first line from his nephew Florian Eder (played by Florian Bruckner). He is dispassionately working in a hardware store when an inheritance reminds him of his late uncle's small workshop. The sale of a backyard estate in Bavaria would bring in good money, but it is prevented by a small, red-haired and very stubborn creature: Pomukle is back, croaking, laughing, joking and driving everyone crazy as if nothing had happened for the past forty years. It happened.

The goblin, invented by author Ellis Kaut, was a huge television hit in the 1980s, with Gustel Berhammer playing the role of teacher Eder and Hans Klaren, who gave the little creature its distinctive voice. The two formed a symbiosis of anarchism and stubbornness, and were always cheeky and loving. They are not available to return: Berhammer died in 1993, and Clarin in 2005. However, many things remain the same as they were then. The workshop is the same and Clarin's voice has also survived. Maxi Schaffroth, who spoke to Pomokl, is responsible for this. But above all, artificial intelligence that hits the right and precise note with amazing accuracy.

People love to fall in love with him

One thing remained: it would be a pleasure for this goblin to fall victim to him. Because the trick worked to carefully present this television gem in the present and because Florian Bruckner, with his quiet passion, was perfectly cast as the new Eder. The narrative pace of Part 2 feels dated, but it's still fast compared to the 1980s series. The question remains whether the cartoon's magic and linguistic humor have survived over the decades – a perfect topic for discussion at a children's Christmas holiday in the 1970s and 1980s.

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