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New 'Uncharted' Trailer Makes Indy Look Old

New ‘Uncharted’ Trailer Makes Indy Look Old

An early Christmas gift for Uncharted fans: The new video game shooting trailer with Marvel star Tom Holland includes some great in-store moments.

You can always count on the passionate love of fans when it comes to getting support. But they can also be tough and persistent if they have the impression that their opinion is invaluable. Video game adaptation “Sonic the Hedgehog” He is the best example of the success a studio can have when he takes their opinion into account for his own projects. Paramount Pictures and Jeff Fowler listened to fans and changed Sonic’s appearance in the film to bring the blue hedgehog back into what fans love. The start date has been postponed for this purpose. The result: global success.

Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth is a stand-alone story as a novel, available on Amazon

A similar situation currently prevails with Sony Pictures’ adaptation of the hit adventure series “Anonymous” by Naughty Dog. There was a real outcry among the fans when Mark Wahlberg appeared in the first official photos Completely without a mustache Came Along In the movie, the 50-year-old plays Victor “Sully” Sullivan, the mentor of main character Nathan Drake (Tom Holland). And he has a mustache in video games. Don’t worry, fans finally got to see it. And that’s not the best thing about the new trailer:

Uncharted – Trailer 2 Deutsch

Flying ships, locations around the world, Mark Wahlberg with a Schnauzer – what more could a fan want? ‘Uncharted’, this becomes evident a lot with this trailer, shouldn’t just be fun for those familiar with the video game template.


Tom Holland Can Free Himself From His Spidey Role In ‘Uncharted’

In “Uncharted,” veteran treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Marl Wahlberg) recruits skilled and intelligent thief Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) to rescue the fortune lost nearly 500 years ago by famed sailor Ferdinand Magellan. They initially think it’s a simple theft job. But then they find themselves in the midst of a race for the world: the unscrupulous Moncada (Antonio Banderas) believes he is the rightful heir to the $5 billion US treasure and wants to find it at any cost. There’s a lot at stake for Nathan Drake: He hopes to find clues about the whereabouts of his brother Samuel on this journey. But first, he and Sully must be able to be a team at all.

If the trailer—besides the incredible action and great locations—is anything to show for it, it’s Holland’s performance as Nathan Drake. Unlike Peter Parker aka Spider-Man from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Drake is not a shy and naive guy at first who has to find his true strengths first. Drake is self-confident, determined, sassy, ​​and always has a great saying in store and is a true daredevil.

For sure, the 25-year-old will continue to play Spidey for a long time. massive success “Spider-Man: No Home”. But Holland also revealed his willingness to achieve new goals – private as well as professional. with “Cherry – the end of all innocence” the Avengers: EndgameDirectors Joe and Anthony Russo have already taken the first step towards serious characters. “Uncharted” may be a huge project, but it allows him to expand his repertoire.

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Works directed by Robin Fleischer (“Zombieland”And “poison”She plays alongside Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabriel, and Bello Aspic. The German theatrical version of “Uncharted” is February 17 2022. Until then you can see all the additional information in our video.

Uncharted – All information about video game shooting

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