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New study: Does the wrong diet make you forget?

New study: Does the wrong diet make you forget?

Additives, preservatives and too much sugar: Many consumers have long suspected that highly processed foods, in particular, can put their health at risk. This is shown through many scientific studies. Although there seem to be more and more people in Germany Eat better for health and the environment Often there is a gap between knowledge and reality. New findings now link poor nutrition to memory loss. Read this text to learn the specific relationship revealed by a new study.

What diseases are caused by malnutrition?

Science deals with the effects of nutrition on the human body in many fields of study. Above all, this is wrong, because unhealthy nutrition is often the focus of research. Because there is, as a large descriptive study reaches its conclusions, Foods that pose a real danger to health Her: Because the more food is processed, the unhealthy it becomes. The range of diseases they can sometimes cause is large, from cardiovascular, metabolic and general psychiatric disorders to type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Consumption of potato chips, sweets, some fast food, etc. is partly responsible For example, ready-made foods are very salty and high in fat he. Bitter: Another one Study shows that many heart attacks and strokes are preventable Here too, a balanced diet plays an important role. Experts at the German Nutrition Society confirm that highly processed foods can cause such diseases Leaky gut syndrome favor.

By the way: The topic of nutrition can be very complex, including what many consider unhealthy Pizza can relieve rheumatism symptoms. On the other hand, hardly anyone eats The healthiest food in the world.

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Forgetting? These foods may be the cause

Realize that Poor nutrition can sometimes have an impact on the psycheWhich can even lead to depression and Alzheimer's disease, is nothing new. Now researchers have found… Massachusetts General HospitalShe found that even small amounts of highly processed foods seemed to be enough to increase the risk of strokes as well as memory problems. In their study, which is translated as “Associations between consumption of ultra-processed foods and negative effects on brain health,” they reached two main findings. These are based on an analysis of about ten years of data from a research project looking at the causes of strokes in a geographically dispersed population of more than 30,000 adults:

  • Increased consumption of highly processed foods is associated with a higher risk of stroke (nine percent) and cognitive impairment or “accelerated cognitive decline” (twelve percent).
  • Even a “modest reduction” of such foods in the diet is associated with “positive effects” on brain health and reduced serious neurological consequences.

Nutrition: What helps you forget?

“It is important for individuals to pay attention not only to the foods they eat, but also to how those foods are processed before eating them,” explained the study's lead author, W. Taylor Kimberly. Increasing consumption of ultra-processed foods over time can affect “the two most common and important causes of neurological disability – stroke and cognitive impairment,” so the level of food processing plays an important role in overall brain health.

The good news: “As we found, even small changes are associated with a big difference in improved brain health and reduced risk of stroke and cognitive decline.”

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By the way: when forgetfulness becomes a disease, it is often dementia. Symptoms of dementia can be recognized by warning signs. A healthy diet is the key to Prevent dementia. While eg Alcohol causes dementia maybe Espresso coffee helps treat Alzheimer's disease and dementia.