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Weather: Unusual forecast for fall and winter - experts are concerned

Weather: Unusual forecast for fall and winter – experts are concerned

The air seems to be running out of summer. For this, autumn and winter are in the starting blocks. According to one of the forecasts, the seasons may surprise you.

Kassel – The weather in Germany hasn’t spoiled much this year. Instead of full sun, the sky was often overcast. Rainfall was frequent and not very frequent. Extreme phenomena such as thunderstorms with hurricanes, torrential rain, lightning and thunder were not uncommon. The temperatures are not nearly as extreme as they are. One The weather turns into summer* Unexpected.

The end of August is already very autumnal. Even if it is not yet predicted how autumn and winter weather will turn out in Germany, meteorologists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the United States are daring to sketch a preliminary chart for the two seasons.

Weather: what will autumn and winter be like in Germany? Weather expert takes a closer look at the American model

Weather expert Dominic Jung of took a closer look at the American model. “These are all scientific things. These speculations are possible, but no one should base their lives on it,” warns a qualified meteorologist.

However, weather experts from the outside are setting a preliminary trend with their forecast. “We can only try to estimate: How are the months going?” Answer: Very average. Which for Germany, given the past few years, means: extraordinary.

September, October and November should be neither too warm nor too cold. Meaning: Autumn and winter temperatures seem to have stabilized in the long run.

Is there an early winter? Weather experts have now made preliminary forecasts.

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The end of winter in Germany with normal temperatures

Young reads that December and January will be 0.5 to 1 degree warm compared to the average climate. The exceptions are the Baltic coast (December), the outer northwest (January) and Schleswig-Holstein (December-January). At the end of winter in Germany, February should follow, which will also bring warmer temperatures.

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Jung looks at the NOAA model from the US with concern: “Normal months that weren’t too hot or not too cold haven’t really been there for that long. Oftentimes we’ve been much warmer—over climate means.”

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The weather expert concludes: “So, it may turn out that we will look at autumn and winter as very cold. Because we are no longer accustomed to these ordinary months in the past few years.” Because people are known to be creatures of habits.

Fall-winter weather forecast – experts see ‘exciting development’

According to Jung, it’s a “very exciting development looming”. In addition, autumn and winter should be “neither too wet nor too dry.” That would be “very positive for a real winter in our country. The last few years have always seen very rainy winters.” At least that’s what has always been expected.

This has often occurred in favor of classical western weather conditions with temperate air masses from the Atlantic. But that doesn’t seem to be the case this time,” explains the weather expert. So it’s all a little different this year.

But, even at the end of his remarks, Young does not forget to stress that these possibilities are still “not classic weather forecasts.” Young prefers to call them “Monthly Climate Trends”. (jfw)* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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