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New torch?  Johnny Depp with a mysterious woman

New torch? Johnny Depp with a mysterious woman

During his ex-wife’s defamation trial Amber Heard Speculation arose on social media if Johnny Depp and his lawyer Camille Vasquez More than a purely professional relationship, after the two of them exchanged familiar gestures over and over in the courtroom. Now the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star is once again making assumptions about his love life. Reason: Depp was in the lead-up to his performance at the Umbria Jazz A festival at Arena Santa Giuliana in Italy with a mysterious lady.

Johnny Depp with a mysterious woman at a concert in Italy

The daily Mail published PicturesWhich shows the actor and musician when they arrive at the venue on Sunday. He seemed to be in good spirits. Johnny Depp was accompanied by a red-haired woman who did not give her name. Wearing skinny jeans and a green T-shirt, she walked past Depp, who was also dressed in casual jeans and a T-shirt. In one photo, he can be seen getting out of his car and helping his mysterious companion to put on a backpack before they both enter the venue.

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