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Imprisonment with mother-in-law

Imprisonment with mother-in-law

The perfect fit artist: James Blunt © Drindorfer

Women forcibly dragged their husbands to James Blunt’s concerts. There are such rumors, but of course you should not believe everything. James Blunt has at least solace for the little men who were abused. Blunt says “Alia” was so loud that only “girls and dogs” could hear it. “My gift to you” is a gift for men: “Three minutes of silence.” Self-irony and British humor, even sparkling “postcards” were fun in Linz. Blunt with the ukulele (“I like to use it so I sound bigger”), the band contributes to the electric guitar’s screams. Almost Rock’n’Roll, wild! Often denigrated as a howler (by male critics), Blunt showed himself above all else as a brilliant artist on Fridays in Cathedral Square.

He jumps on stage very conveniently with a bright red acoustic guitar, opening with the phrase “Breathe”. Live a huge number of Schunkel, as well as “Wisemen”. With the song “Carry You Home” he starts crying. Ouch! Tilt the group “Ballad”, try.

The shutdowns were brutal, with her 68 days locked up with her mother-in-law, “You have a special word for her: shit.” The Briton, born James Heller Blount in 1974, fools around and moves around effortlessly, taking to the audience with a gas mask and hugging people. Songs like “I Really Want You” aimlessly erupt in a quagmire of tears, later the somewhat stronger half of the audience, “Love Under Pressure”, lined up in rows of seats.

Healthy people today rarely have lighters, but smartphones combined do light up. Blunt performs his biggest hit, the weak “You’re Beautiful,” in a humble manner. That’s too good for the song. Blunt flaps his arms in encouragement, adventurously balancing on the piano, then raises it. “Bonfire Heart” is totally bizarre, military love metaphors for the former commander of the British Army (including in Kosovo and at Queen Mom’s funeral). “Say sausage!” Very nice evening, but there was another person.

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Everything Lights Up: Avec

Avec of Vöcklabruck, whose real name is Miriam Hufnagl, opened up against Blunt with a half-hour performance that was too short. A warm and clear sound, Avec washed a wave of musical luxury over the cathedral square.

Delicate and powerful, the song “Home”, “Under the Water” is a wonderful folk art: intimate, agonizing pours into song and made to shine. This is how feeling works. A recording of the concert by Avec can be accessed in the media library of culture broadcaster Arte until September 21:

Written by Christian Bechler