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New Ü40 concert Thursday for Orvar!

New Ü40 concert Thursday for Orvar!


Hardly any generation knows how to party like the kids of the 70s and 80s. It’s time to revive this carefree era – and three times over: the Urfahraner HASENSTALL party center at Hauptstraße 62 invites you to a party for over 40 years with plenty of highlights on three Thursdays in November. here we are!

Unbelievable but true: almost 30 years ago -Deep in 1994- the famous Hasenstall Pub opened its doors for the first time on Main Street. Hits like “Cotton Eye Joe” by Rednex, “Hey Süßer” by Lucilectric and “Eins-Zwei-Polize” by Mo-Do were at the top of the hit show. The techno scene was also beginning to develop – with groups like 2Unlimited (“Tribal Dance”, The Real Thing), as well as long-standing memorable favorites like Take That, Ace of Base, Salt ‘N’ Pepa and Dr. Alban.

Spin the turntables: Hasenstal owner Erwin Schotka aka DJ Erwinio Schottano.

Now that unforgettable time returns – at least for three evenings – every Thursday (16/23/30 November) the over-40s party takes place with the greatest hits of the 80s and 90s, with Erwin Chutka on the rooftops as himself – or rather his alter ego, DJ Erwinio Schottano. There are also drinks like those of the time – for example Rüscherl, Cola-Red or Weiß with prices like last millennium at only 2.50 euros.

Hasenstal beer pub
The pub is full of rare items and collectibles and serves as a small museum. Nowhere in Linz north of the Danube can you find more atmosphere than here – for all generations and income levels. “The rabbit hutch always works” – a saying that has been echoing in the Linz party scene for almost 30 years. HASENSTALL is also the best address for celebrations of all kinds.

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