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New wooden facade for Tschauner stage

New wooden facade for Tschauner stage


The new frontage for the Tschauner stage was presented in Ottakring on Thursday. The program for the next season has also been presented. Former Mayor Michael Hubel received a piece of the old facade as a “board of honor.”

The summer theater building received lighter wood panels, a new logo and new exterior lights. Old display showcases have also been replaced by digital signage. General Manager Monica Earp is looking forward to a new season after the long hiatus caused by the pandemic. Earp emphasized the difficult time due to the ever-changing situation of cultural events.

Then singers, actors and directors Marcus Richter and J├╝rgen Kaupan presented the highlights of the new programme. The season begins on June 7th with a spin-off “Hier! sitz! Lach!” to take care of the animal. Also in attendance were Omar Sarsam, Jerry Seidl and Monica Weinzettle. Starting on June 8, the new production “Come with me to Italy” will be shown. It plays songs from the fifties and sixties. After that, the first evenings of “Stegreif Klassik” will take place on June 14.

Abba/George Hochmott

Peter Drupel, Michael Hubble and Monica Earp at the pre-season presentation

Greetings “Wow” and Danzer

For a young audience on June 17 “WOW! Movie 2” with Robert Steiner and Rolf Rudiger on the programme. Michael Hubel can also be seen on stage on June 26 when he once again presents his autobiography “Freundschaft”, which was published at the beginning of the year. Other cabaret guests include Mike Subancik, Kernolamazonen and Comedebic.

Monti Beton and Hans Theesink, for example, offer musical entertainment. The trio Bar, Winter, Novak will give the Danzer Salute on May 28. In addition to the artist’s many songs, anecdotes from the time I spent with the trio will also be presented. In addition, the productions of “Tscharley’s Tante Sing Along” and “Condition as in Ancient Rome” will be included in the program once again. It will take place at the Tschauner Theater until September 6.

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