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Magnum reinterprets classic Kylie Minogue

Magnum reinterprets classic Kylie Minogue

As part of the #ClassicsRemixed campaign, the ice cream brand is releasing a remix of the 2001 song “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” alongside Kylie Minogue and South Korean club icon Peggy Gou.

20 years after the original release, the two artists banded together for an edited version of the full song and video. It will be released on May 19, 2022 in Cannes, where Magnum has made its temporary home on Croisette in May for more than ten years. A small preview can be seen and heard on Magnum’s TikTok channel.

“Magnum Remix” set

The reinterpreted soundtrack and music video aims to establish a connection between the world of K-pop culture and nostalgia for the 21st century. This is brought to life by stills, still photos, and illustrations by Seoul-based artist Seo Inji. The #ClassicsRemixed campaign promotes the “Magnum Remix,” a reinterpretation of Magnum classics, each dipped in a different chocolate. Kylie Minogue said of the collaboration, “Can’t believe it’s been twenty years since the song was released! I’m a huge Peggy fan and I’m so excited for everyone to be able to hear this remix.” Peggy Gou ergänzt: “Mit einer meiner musikalischen Ikonen zusammenzuarbeiten, um einen wahren Clubklassiker als Remix aufzulegen, ist ein wahrgewordener Traum. Dass man einen zeitgemäßen House-Sound mitch assiin s Come.”

On May 19, the remix will be presented for the first time at Magnum Beach in Cannes. Peggy Gou will headline this year’s Magnum concert, presenting an exclusive 90-minute set, the highlight of which will be the world premiere of the new remix. Magnum will share the performance virtually on its social channels and stream content exclusively on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.