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New world: unlock inventory while running

New world: unlock inventory while running

From Matthias Bruckel
The developers of New World have announced a change that some Amazon MMORPG players have been hoping for since before the release: unlock inventory on the go!

Some call it a realistic immersion, while others find it heavy and annoying to the flow of the game. We are talking about the restricted stock in the new world, which adventurers are not allowed to unlock while on the go. If we were to take a quick look inside our luggage, the character in Aeternum stops right away. The developers defended this design decision in the past, including preventing equipment change during combat. Now the officials at Amazon Game Studios are subject to the will of the community – They enable quick inventory management.

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For all problems: Why hasn’t the New World been postponed again?

More comfort changes for the new world

This information comes from an interview that Game Director Scott Lane gave to PCGamesN magazine. He referred not only to this stock adjustment, but also to other comfort changes Similar to the speed increase on the roads Executing the wishes of the community:

“We just made a big change that a lot of fans wanted. Now players can run faster in the streets. Looking into the future, we’re working on helping people connect on expeditions. We also want to add more missions and crafting markers. Also, improvements to the map and a lot more underway. Implementation Mostly based on fan requests in forums, in-game comments and on Reddit.And for all who ask: We plan to allow players to check their inventory while running.

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You can partially test the changes in advance: This is currently in New World PTR!

When does this change take effect?

And here we get to the heart of the matter: In an interview, Scot Lane didn’t reveal when the stock comfort feature and other pesky innovations appeared. In this regard, players still have to be patient.

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