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New Xbox Showcase Announced – Microsoft will be presenting new game materials next week

New Xbox Showcase Announced – Microsoft will be presenting new game materials next week

For next week, the last week of April Microsoft A dewy one View ID@Xbox The advertiser, which, as always, should contain some news about already familiar headlines, but also one or two new announcements.

As a rule, the publisher focuses on developing smaller games at ID@Xbox events Indie titleWhich is currently being worked on within the ranks of the cooperating studios. Of course we don't want to keep you from when it starts and where you can watch the show.

Next week's ID@Xbox show: Here's what you need to know

By next Monday April 29 It's about time: Tech giant Microsoft is ending its redundant program Updates And a new one Game ads And we can be there and live as always. Of course not on site, but fortunately the ID@Xbox digital exhibition will be held there Live broadcast He referred.

— XboxWire (@XboxWire) April 22, 2024

around At 19 o'clock The event is scheduled to start in German time, but how long it will last is not yet known. Since we have entered into cooperation with our colleagues at IGN, you can watch the exciting broadcast only via the official channels of the portal – for example on Youtube.

from Huge surprises In the meantime, it's hard to say, but one or two fans certainly still have some hope of spotting a long-awaited title at the Xbox Showcase event. After failing to appear at the recent Nintendo Indie World presentation again, Hollow Knight: Silksong is still a hot candidate, even with its recent entry into the Xbox Store Provided. Fans of those are really big Blockbuster movies However, they are unlikely to get their money's worth, as they will have to wait until Microsoft's next, more comprehensive offering, which is expected to take place in June.