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Watch_Dogs: A popular action series from Ubisoft is about to end?

Watch_Dogs: A popular action series from Ubisoft is about to end?

It looks like Ubisoft's popular action series Watch_Dogs is coming to an end in terms of gameplay – even if a movie adaptation is currently in the works.

There has been some news about Watch_Dogs in the recent past, although it has not come from the core realm of previous video games. In addition to the manga, a film adaptation of the futuristic stealth action series with hacker themes has also been announced.

Although the film adaptation has gone ahead, things are apparently not looking good for the video game series itself. According to a popular leaker, it looks like the Watch_Dogs series is about to end.

Noted insider j0nathan took up the topic on Twitter and confirmed that according to his information, the below-average commercial success of Watch_Dogs: Legion at Ubisoft has led to the cancellation of several projects within the franchise. With these originally planned titles discontinued, the game series as a whole became “dead and buried”.

Games that were said to already be in the works included a “completely original” battle royale game. Ubisoft has clearly explored new directions for the franchise as a whole, but it's clear that these directions will no longer see the light of day.

Early in 2022, there was speculation from YouTuber JorRaptor that Watch_Dogs had been secretly and quietly cancelled. In that time, there have been a number of departures of responsible developers, including members of the former senior staff.

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Watch_Dogs debuted in 2014 and featured a hacker-centric technological environment in a fictional version of Chicago. The first part was a huge success and sold over 10 million copies by the end of the year, but the sequel Watch_Dogs 2 was unable to build on that. The sequel took nearly four years to bring in the same number of copies for women and men, and the third game, Watch_Dogs: Legion, performed even worse.

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