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New Year's Eve Cabaret: 2023 ends with fireworks

New Year's Eve Cabaret: 2023 ends with fireworks

Nivarani & Gernot throw a “Schlageranfall” party on New Year's Eve, Thomas Stipsits presents “Stinazer Delikatessen” and Gernot Kulis presents a crazy brave ride – our top cabaretists say goodbye to 2023 with a fireworks display.

In 2023, we often find ourselves laughing. Now at least the turn of the year will be interesting: more than a dozen local cabaret heavyweights will put on a special fireworks show on New Year's Eve. People laugh from Klosterneuburg (Alex Christian) to Tollen (Jiri Seidel) to Graz (Omar Sarsam). And even in Engerwitzdorf (Ludwig Müller)

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Vienna jokes include Clemens Maria Schreiner (Niedermeier), Machek (Gartenbückino), Amazon Oil Pumpkin (Casanova), and Baby Hopf (Theater im Alsergrund) in a double package, so the Science Busters team scheduled three shows at the Schauspielhaus. It would also be three times more fun at the Vienna Globe. At 1:30 p.m., Michael Niavarani and Victor Gernot launched a joint “brutal attack.” At 5:30 p.m., Klaus Eckel jokes, and from 9 p.m., Thomas Stibets serves “delicious stenitzers.”

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New Year's Eve Cabaret: 2023 ends with fireworks

Funny: Gernot Kulis offers a real gritty ride with “Best Of Callboy”: He will take the stage in Oberwaltersdorf at 7:30 p.m. From 10 p.m., the New Year is celebrated at the Vienna Konzerthaus, 36 kilometers away.

These are the most popular club songs on New Year's Eve:


Victor Gernot and Michel Niavarani – Schlagerfall, 1.30pm CST
Thomas Stibitz – Steinitzer Delicatessen – 9 p.m
Klaus Eckel – He wouldn't believe anyone who talks slowly at 5:30pm GMT
Clemens Maria Schreiner – The Best of Good, 6:00pm and 9:00pm at Cabaret Niedermayer
Gerald Fleischacker – Funny, 10.45pm Theater Dialect
Amazon Pumpkin Oil – New Year's Eve Special, 5pm and 9pm Casanova
Lukas Resetarets – On Life, 6pm and 9pm at City Hall
Mashik – It was 2023, 6pm and 9pm in Gartenbakino
Baby Hopf – Everything Remains Different, 5:00pm and 8:30pm, Sergrundtheater
Science Busters – New Year's Eve Edition 3:00pm, 6:00pm, 9:00pm at Schauspielhaus
Stearman and Greisman – The egg is hard! Loriot Dramas, 7 p.m., Concert Hall
Tricky Nikki – Best of at 3pm and 9pm Orpheum

Federal states:
Klosterneuburg, Babenberg Hall
5:00 PM & 8:00 PM Alex Christian – 50 Shades of Shame

Baden, Congress Center
7:15pm and 9:45pm Eva Maria Marold – Radically inconsistent

Oberfaltersdorf, bed spring manufacturer
7:00 PM Gernot Colles – Ö3 Callboy Top 20

Tollen, Danubium
6:00pm and 9:30pm Jerry Seidel – or rather

Engerwitzdorf, M. Schöffel
7:30 PM Ludwig Müller – Spirit

Graz, Orpheum
5:00 PM Omar Sarsam – Special session
9:00 PM Michael Grosschadl – Tall blonde with brown ape

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