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Josefstadt's longtime actor Eugene Stark passed away

Josefstadt’s longtime actor Eugene Stark passed away

Eugene Stark, a long-time member of the theater at Der Josefstadt, died last Saturday, August 21, at the age of 85. The theater announced on Tuesday. “The Josefstadt family grieves for the personal actor,” said the actor, who was hired in 1976 under Franz Staus/Ernst Heisermann.

Born on June 10, 1936 in Klaus in Vorarlberg, he studied drama and singing at the Max Reinhardt Symposium at the Vienna Conservatory. After his first roles in Der Jugend, Folktheater, and Burgtheater (in Streller’s “Das Spiel der Mächtigen”), he made his debut in Neil Simon’s “The Good Doctor” in Josefstadt. It was, among others, Mephistopheles in Goethe’s “Urfaust” (1977), Sir Robert Chiltern in Oscar Wilde’s “Ein Idealer Gatte” (1978), d. Ebenwald in Schnitzler’s “Professor Bernhardi” (1987), Altenwyl in Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s “Der Schwierige” (2000) or The Old Ekdal in Ibsen “Die Wildente” (2002). After a total of five directors (Stoss, Haeusserman, Kraus, Schenk and Lohner), Eugen Stark, who was married to Bibiane Zeller, performed his Josefstadt premiere on March 6, 2003 in Franz Molnar’s “Liliom” (Berkovics/Old Policeman) .

“Eugene Stark was one of the last great orchestra players in the theater at Der Josefstadt, who embodied roles both big and small with great intensity and sincerity, as well as an incredibly friendly and humble fellow,” director Herbert Voettinger said today. To the deceased, who was repeatedly seen in television roles.

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