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New Year's Eve song – “Loud missiles are torture for animals”

New Year's Eve song – “Loud missiles are torture for animals”

For many wild and domestic animals, loud explosions, which often begin after Christmas, are a terrible event and cause them to panic. Therefore, Hausleitner recommends monitoring pets year-round.

“There are those who are very afraid of loud noises and others who are less bothered by them. The daily routine on New Year's Eve should be as natural as possible, because many pets also sense the stress of their owners. For highly stressed and nervous pets, you can get Botanical sedatives from the vet.

Cats should be allowed to spend New Year's Eve indoors, horses belong in the stable, and anyone who really wants to take their dog for an evening walk should definitely keep him on a leash. “If you have outside blinds, you can lower them to reduce the noise level. For some pets, familiar ambient noise, such as the radio or television, also has a calming effect,” says the Animal Welfare Society president.

Christine Hausleitner is the president of the Amstetten District Animal Protection Association. She and her husband, Ernst Hausleitner, president of the Animal Protection Society, care for many animals and offer tips for a better New Year's Eve for both domestic and wild animals.

Association for the Protection of Animals Amstetten District, esp

Hausleitner stresses that she's not completely against fireworks and rockets on New Year's Eve, because they're just part of the start of the year. “But it would be nice if everything was done in moderation and with purpose. Loud missiles are torture for many animals,” stresses the animal rights activist, and appeals to those around her to take personal responsibility. “Above all, we must also think about wild animals, because when they hear… Loud noises, often leaving the forest and running into the streets in fear.”

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Hausleitner recalls that a few years ago, on New Year's Eve in Valsee, the horses broke out and ran across the yard. “Thank God nothing happened to them and we were able to catch them again, but this shows how stressed some animals are and how important it is to take their sensitivity into account.”

Under the slogan “Food instead of firecrackers,” Young Generation Amstetten (JG) is launching a fundraising campaign for the Animal Protection Society in the Amstetten region at the beginning of the year. “There are donation boxes in the city of Amstetten or you can donate directly to the Amstetten District Animal Welfare Society account with IBAN: AT28 3202 5000 0511 0093, BIC: RLNWATWWAMS using for the intended purpose ‘food instead of firecrackers’,” says the Amstetten District Animal Welfare Association. Amstetten, President.

By the way, Christine and Ernest Hausleitner have several animals in their care. They recently raised a tawny owl. “Lovely people found him on the street. He was completely tired and could no longer fly away. They took the yellow owl to veterinarian Hehenberger, who gave him primary care. I'm glad there are people like this. Many others simply drive by. The tawny owl was not injured “It's a good idea to always freeze the mice that my cat sometimes returns from hunting,” says the animal rights activist. “A few days ago, the little owl was released.” It is dark brown in color in the wild and has fully recovered.