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What plants bring good luck in the new year?

What plants bring good luck in the new year?

WWhat is all you want for the new year? Health, winning the lottery, and that Donald Trump will never be president again. The lowest common denominator of these desires is: happiness.

Now some people on New Year's Eve are satisfied with the hope that a harbinger of luck will appear in the crumbs when pouring lead. The real lucky person takes action and helps grow the right plants. It should be said right away: unfortunately, the effect has not been scientifically proven.

There is a Chinese money tree or “Glückstaler”. The houseplant is said to bring prosperity due to its circular leaves, which appear to be coin-shaped to the benevolent eye. Obviously, this myth goes back many centuries, and today coins are more of a burden than a guarantee of wealth.

A poor farmer in China once prayed for the blessing of money and the next morning Pilea peperioides Found in front of his door. There is no reason to be disappointed: the plant multiplied so diligently that he became rich selling it. Today people earn well from the so-called UFO factory because it is a real factory.


Hip “UFO plant”

Photo: Image Alliance/PantherMedia

However, there is a similar story spreading about the so-called lucky chestnut, Pachira Aquatica, with pointed leaves and a braided stem. In this case, the farmer lived in Taiwan.

Another feng shui-friendly option is the penny tree, which comes from Africa Crassula ovata. With its thick green leaves, it is a popular indoor plant and bonsai. However, Gartenzauber warns, you shouldn't expect the money to start raining down immediately. The author also burns cinnamon incense for three days. She did not provide any other information about her financial situation.


With Lucky Bamboo it depends on the number of poles.

Photo: Image Alliance/CSH/Shotshop

Of course, money is not everything. According to Chinese custom, if you want to wish your host personal luck on New Year's Eve, you can gift them “lucky bamboo” sticks, which is actually a dragon tree. Two wands promise happiness in love, the Seven of Wands promises health, and if you want to be on the safe side, you part with the 21 Wands – this, according to tradition, covers all spheres of life.

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