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New Year's Party: Initiatives for Women –

New Year's Party: Initiatives for Women –


In the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's New Year's Concert, only men's works will be played, and so far conduct has been reserved for men. Now there are increasing initiatives to put women at the forefront.

It will likely be a while before a woman throws her first New Year's party. In a statement issued by Daniel Froschauer, President of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, it was said: “This cannot be simply ‘decided’. Especially for the New Year’s Concert, it takes several years of close artistic cooperation with the orchestra. We regularly look at young female conductors, We work with them and look forward to the time when a woman gets on the stage.”

Criticism of a New Year's party without women

Women's compositions from the Straussian period

About 1,000 works have been performed in televised New Year's concerts so far, and none by a woman. Irene Suchi says there are enough works by women to choose from. This year she organized the first New Year's concert of composers in the Erbar Hall. Music was played for women only.

“So as not to overlook anything good, the quality argument is what sticks out here. I want to make this music heard. And I think in some ways it's better than some of the other things that are being played. I don't want us to overlook or ignore the other half of the world. Because There was one time. “It was triggered,” Suchi explained to Vienna Today.

Composer Ursula Ehrhart Schwertmann referred to composers from the time of the Strauss family, such as Josephine Feinlich. “There are three pieces in this volume titled Women's Liberation March, Free Waltz Ideas, and Frivole Polka, which were interesting at the time,” says Earhart Schwertmann. Daniel Froschauer recently did not want to exclude composers' works from the New Year's concert: “The program for me is not a question of gender, it's about quality. If it's a good piece, we'll play it too.”

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