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In the mood for oud

In the mood for oud

In the mood for oud

A very special start to the season awaits you on September 8 and 9: on these two days, the oud – the short-necked Arabic oud – declares love.

Their voice is unparalleled for the so-called “Magic of the East” and Arabic music. Originally in Persia, the oud came to Europe in the context of Arab expansion through the Moors and the Crusaders. Considered the forerunner of the European oud, it contains five pairs of strings that are tuned in unison and bass strings. Even its construction with many different wood slices, which are also called by their name (oud means slices of wood) and form a pear-shaped resonance chamber, is labor-intensive. Phonetically, it has a very warm tone and a wide range – more than three octaves. through
Due to the great diversity of its playing styles, it is still ubiquitous in Arab musical culture today, and it is no coincidence that it is also referred to as the “piano of the East”.

Two talented oud guys, both of whom ended up in Vienna at different times and from different regions, will perform with their band’s projects in the big broadcasting hall and turn one or the other into an oud fan. Both parties come from countries in the Near and Middle East and had to leave their countries and flee. Erwa Saleh It comes from Syria Marwan Abado from Palestine.

The Syrian oud player and composer will start tomorrow, Thursday Erwa Saleh, who received his training at the Higher Conservatory of Music in Syria and the National Conservatory in Lebanon. Masterfully combines elements of Sufi music with influences from contemporary (jazz) music in Europe. The mixture of Arabic, Turkish and European elements gives his music a complex identity as the oriental soul “walks” with elements of Western jazz. Orwa Saleh has been living in Austria for several years, and in 2016, his group RUH was awarded the Integration Prize from the city of Linz.

Marwan Abado on the oud

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Palestinian singer, composer and oud player Marwan Abado, who has made a name for himself as the ambassador of the Arab music tradition in Austria, will organize the second evening. His music is classical and elegant, accompanied by poetic singing. Together with his longtime musician Peter Rosmaneth He will present the album “NEDAM” which means something like friends. Over the past twenty years, Abado and Rosmanith have developed their own tonal language, listened to each other, established friendly dialogue and created powerful poetic music at the same time drawing its strength from a deep connection with personal roots and musical experiences but always looking for something new.