Complete News World – Classic games from 2014 will be released again in 2025, completely revised – Classic games from 2014 will be released again in 2025, completely revised

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development“From the Sunnah 2014 It was something completely new at the time and even to this day, few games offer that great Feel to classiclocated in Germany Schmidt games Back. This was followed in the following decade Many new releases, It is the game system Constantly reinterpreted. Now it will be 2025.”nature“A new attempt has begun The game is better Close.

This is what the new game has to offer

Nature is a modular gaming system designed to create and explore a unique ecosystem with every play. The game is aimed at 1-4 people aged 10+ and offers a play time of 30-45 minutes. It will be eligible for funding on Kickstarter.

The game features a dynamic environment where food is scarce and predators are present. Players have the opportunity to customize their species with different attributes such as speed, nesting, and climbing to overcome challenges such as gathering food and predators.


The system is designed to be adaptable to different groups and gaming preferences. Adding modules such as the “Jurassic” module can create a more aggressive gaming environment, while the “Flight” module provides a less aggressive atmosphere and allows for escaping predators and raising a family on a safe island. No additional modules can be used for a simple introduction to the game, allowing everyone at the table to learn and play the game in less than an hour. Each added module increases complexity and increases play time by 15 to 30 minutes.

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At launch, the system will offer 15 different configurations. Publisher NorthStar plans to expand its “Nature” game system with one or two new units per year for the next ten years. For example, the Climate and Diseases module has been announced for the year 2026. Once launched, the system will have 33 different configurations. Each new unit will enrich the game with many possible combinations.

These future expansions will increase the diversity and replayability of Nature on an ongoing basis and provide new challenges and discoveries for players.