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The shooter from 1998 has a new speed record

The shooter from 1998 has a new speed record

subordinate Speedrun world half-life record It was amazing 4 seconds (!) from muty beaten. If you’re not used to running fast in Half-Life, it’s basically all about tapping points and jumping, to the point of skipping entire levels.

Half-life sprints have been modified and mastered amazingly over the past few decades, so four seconds is quite an achievement. Previous record, also from muty Set up on May 26 min 42 sec. It takes a month of practice to become just four seconds faster.

How does Half-Life Speedrun work? – In fact like many others, you are taking advantage of the “unfinished sides” of the shooter to speed things up. In the second level, “Unexpected Consequences”, if you don’t enter the elevator and just press the button again to close the door, the game will immediately load the next mission, saving you precious seconds. There are even sequences in which you can skip stairs or meetings just by jumping through the holes. You don’t die doing this because you end up exactly where there is a seam between two planks with flat geometry. This spot is unencrypted, so there is no damage from a fall. Old Counter-Strike players know this trick.

Speedrunner convinces with a great jump

Usually in the fifth level there is a short written event where the scientist runs into the lobby in front of you, knocks on the doors of the security office and then dies by setting off on a mine trip. The button to open the door to exit the level is located in the closed security office. In fact, you play about 30 minutes to get to it through a ventilation duct.

But is it the same speed? mutyYou can shoot the scientist in the leg to block his path. If you push it multiple times, you can push it toward the closed security door. Scholars’ personal models are coded to open locked doors. So you can save your valuable time in the game – if you want to.

Half-life: Standard time may be better

It’s faster! Do not you think? In theory, Half-Life can be completed in less than 21 minutes.

In 2014, a group of fast runners posted a YouTube video saying you can do it in 20 minutes 41 seconds. For this, however, everything should work “perfectly”, like a google docs Indicates. You just have to get rid of all human errors and act as a robot programmed to implement any sprint strategy.

YouTube videos

It’s unlikely that anyone would complete Half-Life in under 21 minutes, but 24 minutes and 42 seconds is still a decent amount of time.

the original half life It was originally released in 1998 for Windows PCs. suppose one Half-Life 3 is being developed again in Valve Be – we are curious.

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