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Post Black Friday Deals

Written by Daniel Krause . Posted in presentation

Offer offline Fun tails And the Rudy Toys in their store offerings or strap Special rates. So there eg Glen Moore Chronicles, Crazy Driver or leaders Offer available. Who is looking for birthday presents Is, some of them are useful for the family, you can take a look.

This is what Funtails offers (until 4.12.)

  • Glen More II package for €99
  • Glen More II add-on for €33
  • Family Christmas Package for €89.99
  • Quizmaster package for 51 euros
  • Octopus package for 150 euros

>> to the shop

This is what Rudy Games offers (until 31.11)

Rudy James Now there are also games from other publishers in the store, which are also discounted. Here is a list of some of our special products:

  • Crazy Driver €24.99
  • Leader 27.99 euros
  • Scooby Sea Factory €16.99
  • Lost Galaxy 9.99 euros

More addresses

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood for 29.99 euros
  • Catan game for 19.99 euros
  • Exit – Game + Puzzle: The Dark Castle for € 13.99

>> to the shop

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