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Fortnite: Breaking Event - The first details about the Season 3 finale have leaked

Fortnite: Breaking Event – The first details about the Season 3 finale have leaked

Just days before the big breakout event, scheduled for December 3rd, the first details are emerging about the impending end of Fortnite Chapter 3.

An insider who was able to circumvent Epic Games’ internal encryption provided us with full assets, artwork, as well as audio files including dialogues, before the in-game action begins. World Health Organization End of the third chapter Completely spoiler free, you should probably stop reading from here.

Fortnite Audios, Layouts, and More

While Epic Games themselves haven’t completely retracted clues as to when Fortnite Season 3 will end in the past, more concrete information about the start of the next chapter has been scarce. But a look at the originally neatly encoded files now provides some information. In these we find the graphics as well as the already mentioned audio files and more details:

Thanks to the leak, we got an insight into the map elements relevant to the event as well as random island and snow cartridges:

In addition, some new missions and challenges await players in the Fortnite Fracture event:

Fortnite: Ominser Leak Could Get You Epic

Leaks about Fortnite and new skins, weapons or other content that should find their way into the game in the future are also part of the agenda. However, the current state has a troubling characteristic: apparently, the leaked information is from an internal source who has access to the developer’s encrypted data.

Typically, leaks like this aren’t found long before release, but just a few hours before content is published and files within the game itself are decrypted by Epic. Last Updated Video: Chapter 3 Season 1 Trailer Overview

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