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Twilight engraving is currently available

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Twilight inscriptionis epicroll and write“A game set in a world”Twilight EmpireAll together you play as one of the 24 major factions in the universe, setting off from their home world to leave their mark on the galaxy. The game is now commercially available and is good for those long winter evenings.

game for 1-8 people aged 14 or over Convenient and saves playing time 90 minutes or for a longer period. For 59.99 euros The game is currently available in stores.

Twilight 001 engraving

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This is what the game offers

All of you are trying to achieve supremacy in the galaxy through technological superiority, military power and economic power.

The most important components are large format blackboards, on which people draw and write with erasable chalk markers. As the game progresses, you make different marks on your boards in order to collect as many victory points as possible and thus win the game.

Twilight engraving 003

Twilight Inscription provides you an accessible entry into the epic universe of Twilight Imperium. Dozens of possible strategies and exciting event cards ensure that every game is different.

Twilight 005 engraving

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