Complete News World – Vale of Eternity expansion to be released this year – Vale of Eternity expansion to be released this year

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The world of The Vale of Eternity just got bigger, with the first expansion set to arrive this year. Successful game by Eric Hong By nameValley of Eternity Archaeological Site“It appears. And it should be expanded not only New Creaturesbut also New game mechanics Bring.

This is what “Valley of Eternity” is all about.

In this Card drafting game for 2-4 players, ages 14 and up You have to find and summon powerful creatures. Each round consists of 3 stages:

  • in Selection stage Creatures are first revealed from a deck of cards. You then take turns choosing a creature card, starting with the base player. The selection then continues counterclockwise starting with the last player.
  • the Working stage Then he runs again in turn. Anyone can take as many actions (sell, tame, summon, or release a creature) as they want.
  • in Activation phase All corresponding active effects are activated on the cards on your screen.

During the game, you carefully collect points, which are marked on the scoreboard. After 10 rounds (or when someone has at least 60 points), the game ends and the winner gets the most points.

This is what the extension offers.

“Valley of Eternity Artifacts” is published by the Korean publisher. Mando games And it was in it Eric Hong and Mateo Rivero Designed. Join the deck. 28 new creatures With new effects as well as new artifacts.

After revealing the creatures in the selection phase He chooses Every player first One of the artifactsTo use its effect. These effects can be instant effects or effects that last for the entire round. Another change will be that the game will no longer end at 60 points, but at 80 victory points, regardless of how many rounds have been played.Land.

It is currently unknown if and when the expansion will appear in Germany.

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