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News |  European Championship bronze for Emma Albrecht

News | European Championship bronze for Emma Albrecht


Emma Albrecht:
“Today I had a really good time and of course I'm very happy with my bronze medal. Everything went really well and the changes were clean too. A great day all round.”

Joanna Hemmer:
“I am very satisfied with my race today and happy to have reached the semi-finals. When I made the change, I made a mistake that cost me a lot of time. This means that reaching the final is no longer possible. The intensity in the temperatures is now so great that you simply cannot take any more.” Of mistakes. But I'm confident we'll finish with a big lead in the mixed relay on Friday at the latest.

Andreas Mayer:
“In the end, I'm really happy with 16th place. I did really well in qualifying. I was able to keep my pace well in the heat, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to get into the semi-finals. But today was my best result in Fast racing so far and this gives me hope for the upcoming races.

Daniel Zug:
“After a turbulent pre-season in December, my main goal today was to get to the final. It went well and in the heat there wasn't a big gap at the front. I feel very positive about the rest of the season. The most important thing now is to stay healthy and keep working consistently.” .

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