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News from Beats, Bebeza, Mavi Phoenix and much more

News from Beats, Bebeza, Mavi Phoenix and much more

Cravings, cravings, cravings: Austrian Music Week at a glance.

Written by Lisa Schneider

We care about people, we care about you. Monobrother sees it the same way, having named their new album based on this slogan – and anyone who knows us knows: After the Party Before the Party.

So after we celebrated Super Soundpark’s huge birthday on October 26 with live sessions from Spilif, kin dread, RAHEL, CULK, Nino from Vienna, Skofi and BEX, we got even better two days later: Monobrother was there and also played an exclusive session in our beautiful yellow studios. In other words: If you don’t want to go out in the rain, we’ll bring live music to your home.

More new music (videos):

baits – “wishes”

“Everything I ever really wanted was lost in isolation”: So another song about the strange state we call “online,” synonymous with the never-ending and rarely successful search for happiness in life. Baits From Vienna is one of our best bands, and of course they can play slow, slow, fast, fast. This song falls into the first category and sometimes a little into the second, and is of particular interest: the beautiful vibrating guitar and high vocal range in the chorus. When it comes to difficult subjects, it’s always best to add a little reverb and stay away from the microphone, it’s all painful anyway and universally understood. Oh yeah, Nova Rock: Avril Lavigne and Green Day are really great anyway, but put this band on your list too.

Bepiza – “Casanova”

People in town know him, and people turn to look at him: without the quotes, because of course it’s a quote from the song, but it’s actually the truth. Pepeza I quickly made a video for the new song “Casanova” after the tour ended, so of course you have to lick your fingers one by one with the amount of paint, skin, sweat and people screaming. If you have a lot of energy and aren’t burned out when it comes to social media (see bait), you should follow Bibiza’s own channel on Instagram to get insider ideas. There we learn: he wrote the song for his late grandmother, it arrived quickly, and the premiere was scheduled from yesterday to today. It doesn’t matter anyway, the stars no longer need a time limit, and all other current Pepe tributes can be found here.

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Uchi Yara – “www hot (Live @Popfest Vienna 2023)”

Before we release the new single in a few hours (live on FM4 of course!) Uche Yara We’ll deliver, there’s again great live content here. Popfest 2023 has been beautiful madness, as always, and perhaps this is a good moment to reflect back on it. About the very good live sets I saw and the very nice people I spoke to there and which beer and toilet lines were very long. A memory, for example, of that particular gathering of people in front of the Lake Stage at headline time: Uche Yara played, brilliant, but more pure, soft sparkle and rock ‘n’ roll – a sigh of relief that good stuff like that actually still exists.

Muffy Phoenix – “Dizzy”

Drink too much Coke Light and stagger around, distracted and dizzy. Don’t do anything logical, but do everything not to change it. There is no Phoenix He ushers in a “new era” with his new single, which sounds like distorted hip-hop in a good way, always laced with self-mockery and irreverence. You can also quote the comments below the video: “I love her so much, she makes me fall in love with her.”

It’s also good to know

  • The Leftovers have released a new album, you can read everything you need to know about “Tired” here.
  • “This heart No fort / It’s like a ship” is one of the most beautiful love quotes of the week, as it comes from Holly and Sana.
  • Because Halloween feels like forever: Greetings recorder with “Ghoul Party“.
  • What was that like? “This is where things end, it seems like a good place to start.” You can guess the great local band who wrote that sentence three times, and it certainly applies to almost everything that came after them. Just like the new song from Good Wilson“stringed guitar,”ending“.
  • It is not easy in anyone’s mind; Songwriting about this topic is usually good. transferable He has that on”Sun and work” to make.
  • The new album will be released on Friday Great Spotted Woodpeckerwith “blossomThere is now one final pre-release video. Everyone gets what they believe in!
  • At Soundpark last Thursday with Alex Augustin, Mile presented his first EP, Monobrother was a guest on an exclusive FM4 session and we heard new songs (or about new albums!) from Mavi Phoenix, Viji and Leftovers, among others.
  • And on Sunday’s FM4 Soundpark night with Stefan Treichler, there were also big live celebrations by Monobrother as well as new songs from – among others – Bibiza and Skyodi.