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Next to Lukas Podolski: Will this be the new "Supertalent" jury?

Next to Lukas Podolski: Will this be the new “Supertalent” jury?

Who are the new jurors who will choose RTL? It was Tuesday Surprising news Publicly became that former football star Lukas Podolski (36) as a new member of super talentThe jury will be seated. after sender Dieter Bohlen (67) and Bruce Darnell (63), the next fifteenth season will be one Brand new collection crowd. But who’s going to be sitting next to Poldi on the famous red desk from next fall?

How picture On Thursday, it reported that some German TV celebrities were said to have already participated in the selection of the program and had applied to be members of the jury. In particular, four stars are highly traded. It appears that star chefs, among others, are available to choose from for the position of head of the jury Tim Malzer (50) and Nelson Muller (42). also mediator Thomas Hermans (58) is already a big name in the German TV scene and could soon be a part of the show. After all, it should also be impressive Riccardo Simonetti (28) Be in a conversation. Who will eventually appear in “Das Supertalent” in the fall remains to be seen.

To date, it also remains unknown whether the entertainment team will continue to have a four-person cast or if RTL will completely revolutionize the show. even duo mediatorswhich lasts from Daniel Hartwich (42) and Victoria Swarovski (27) was supposed to be based on information from Figure change it. Comedians must be in the future Crystal (30) a guide through the figure.

Tim Malzer in May 2021

Instagram / nelsonmueller

Nelson Mueller in May 2021
Thomas Hermans, comedian
Riccardo Simonetti in February 2021