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Tim Mälzer & Sepp Schellhorn cook up against Healthy Boy at Kitchen Impossible: daily menu

Tim Mälzer & Sepp Schellhorn cook up against Healthy Boy at Kitchen Impossible: daily menu

Tim Mälzer and Sepp Schollhorn compete together in the Kitchen Impossible against the Healthy Boy squad made up of Felix Schellhorn, Philip Rachinger and Lukas Mraz. Tim and Sepp have to recreate a jumble of French fries, dumplings and cordon bleu in Zurich and make pizza in Copenhagen. Your opponents cook three healthy dishes in Frankfurt and a dish created by Tirol-born Johannes Nodding in Sketch, London.

Teams have to perfectly cook a local chef’s specialty under the toughest conditions at two locations. Since top chefs do not have an ingredient list or their own recipe – they discover the secrets of the dishes only by tasting and smelling them.

Tim Malzer and Sepp Schilhorn in Zurich

The band Healthy Boy sends Tim and Sepp to picturesque Zurich. There the two Silver Surfers get a chance to unleash their creativity. At the University of the Arts Zurich, Tim and Sepp create works of art in abundance, and their imagination knows no bounds. They also need these for the job, because they have to cook a potato hybrid, a combination of french fries, dumplings, and cordon bleu. Markus Stöckle designed these creations at “Rosi”. The new pub brings a piece of Bavaria to Zurich. Stöckle combines traditional Bavarian dishes and ingredients with new preparation techniques and an innovative twist.

Tim Malzer and Sepp Schilhorn in Copenhagen

Healthy Boy sends opponents Tim Mälzer and Sepp Schellhorn to one of the most liveable cities in the world – the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen! After an adventurous morning at the famous Tivoli theme park, a different dish awaits you in the box more than expected: Pizza – no more provocation possible! Lucas, Philip and Felix confront Tim and Seb with soul food, which the three of them have already failed to emulate. The seemingly simple sourdough pizza has drawn the three of them to Copenhagen multiple times – a perfect job! The chef is Italian-born Christian F Bugliese of Baest Restaurant – all ingredients are home made, which will of course be part of the challenge!

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Felix Schilhorn, Philip Reachinger and Lukas Mraz in Frankfurt am Main

Things are getting better in Frankfurt for the three guys from the band Healthy Boy! Because there are three dishes waiting for you: the classic “Frankfurt Green Sauce” for starters, “Spaghetti Chitara with Tomato Sauce” for the main course and the dessert “Frivoler Mozart” – an ice cream-making reminiscent of the taste of the well-known Mozartkugel. The three dishes here are prepared in a healthy way. For her, she goes to her compatriot and head chef Mario Lunninger, who, as he is known, prepares his dishes not only sugar-free but also gluten-free. It will be interesting to see if the three “healthy” boys will stay true to the Health Line in their choice of ingredients and if they are up to the challenge of cutting out common flavor enhancers like flour and sugar containing gluten. Especially since this gluten-free pasta dough has it all. Achieving the correct dough consistency takes a lot of practice.

Felix Schilhorn, Philip Raschinger and Lucas Mraz in London

In the British capital of London, Lukas, Philip and Felix anticipate the presence of four dishes as a challenge – the special feature: the language of the painting can be clearly attributed to the visionary Pierre Gagnaire, whose pioneering French cuisine style is interpreted in a modern way by Tyrol-born Johannes Nodding in painting and as a painting Three stars are offered to the guest. As would be expected of Tim Mälzer and Sepp Schellhorn, Philip Rachinger instantly recognizes the language of his former employer. But will it help him and the rest of the “tattooed rascals” in cooking?

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Seb Shelhorn cooks up against Tim Malzer at Kitchen Impossible

Schilhorn was actually a guest at Kitchen Impossible last year (daily menu mentioned). He runs the restaurants M32 at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg in Mönchsberg as well as Spoon, the main business Seehof in Goldig and Angertal 1180 in Bad Hofgastein, Rossalm in the Bad Gastein ski area and two more restaurants in the Sportgastein ski area. However, the Austrian is not only a restaurateur, but also a politician. He is the President of the State of Neuss-Salzburg and has served as National Vice-President since 2018. He also served as President of the Austrian Hotel Association from 2003 to 2013.

In 1996, Schilhorn took over the management of the family business Seehof in Goldegg. However, when it was taken over, the hotel was not viable and was heavily indebted. The reorganization as a cultural hotel brought about a turning point. For this purpose, the historic building from 1727 was renovated and received, among other things, differently designed guest rooms. However, the unique selling point is the food, explains Schilhorn.

Shelhorn is married and has three children. The two sons, one a chef and the other a bartender, both work in the business. The daughter goes to school in Vienna. Schilhorn’s brother, business journalist Franz Schellhorn, heads the Center for Liberal Thought “Austria Agenda“.