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Niger ends military cooperation with US

Niger ends military cooperation with US

The military government in Niger has suspended military cooperation with the United States “with immediate effect.” “In the interests of the people, the government has decided to immediately terminate the agreement on the status of US military personnel and civilian employees of the US Department of Defense in the Niger region,” a government spokesman said. A report on state television yesterday evening.

On Friday, a high-level US delegation wrapped up a three-day trip to Niger that was aimed at renewing ties with the military government. The US currently has about 1,000 troops stationed in Niger. On July 26, the military overthrew the democratically elected President Mohamed Bassum, seized power in the country, and turned to Russia.

Until the coup, Niger was considered one of the last allies in the region in the fight against jihadists and extremism. For the United States and former colonial power France, Niger was an important launching point for operations against the jihadists. In December, the last French soldiers left the country at the request of the new rulers.

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