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Nina cancels concert tour in 2022

Pop singer Nina has canceled her planned concert tour for next year. “I don’t want to talk about it for too long. My tour in 2022 will not take place. The 61-year-old posted on Instagram yesterday, and I won’t move it again. She cited coronavirus-related restrictions as the reason.

“I stand by my statement: Everyone is welcome to Nina’s party. Here in our country, things are going in a completely different direction at the moment, and I am not participating,” said Nina.

The singer, who lives in Hamburg, has sparked debates several times during the pandemic. In March, she posted on Instagram a video titled “Thanks Kassel” after thousands of people in the city took to the streets against coronavirus containment measures. In October, she sparked discussions about potential conspiracy theories by posting on Instagram, but she emphasized that she did not want to be understood as a coronavirus denier.

At the end of July, a concert near Berlin ended before a possible comeback. Previously, according to a report by “Tagesspiegel” and several videos on Twitter, Nena commented on hygiene regulations. “I’m threatened (…) that they will cancel the show because you don’t go into your boxes (…)” said Nina. “I leave it to you whether to do it or not. After the concert in Berlin, other concerts were canceled.

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