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After a bad incident on the RTL show: Katja Burchard provides an image update

After a bad incident on the RTL show: Katja Burchard provides an image update

Katya Burchard communicated with her followers on Instagram with bad news.

Photo: rtl / cat

Jennifer Ulrich

As the main presenter of “Punkt 12”, Katja Burkard has been an integral part of the RTL program for many years, and now has around 186,000 subscribers Instagram Created, where you even share private ideas now and then. Now, however, the 56-year-old has reported a shocking message to social media: a grass mite bite has put her off work, and Burchard has to take antibiotics for several days.

in a “rtl.deThe coordinator provided more details about her health condition – Prefer not to share a picture of the affected body part, the scene is really bad at the moment.

Katja Burchard has crop scratches

The announcer initially raised the alarm on Instagram: “I have the malice of the harvest.” This is the common term for a mite bite. She further wrote, “I’ll give you a vision of my ankle,” He even spoke of a “super contagion.”. The doctor told her that encounters with grass mites in September were quite “typical”, but that this finding is not very comfortable for Burchard at the moment. Finally, she let her home host know:

“The ankle can no longer be seen, everything is fiery red and itchy as hell!”

Katja Burchard talks about a mite bite.

Katja Burchard talks about a mite bite.

Photo: katja_burkard_official / instagram

First of all, “6 Days of Penicillin” is the daily order of the prehistoric rock “Punkt 12”. As a result, she does not dismiss her followers without warning: “Attention, now in the grass …”, concludes the medium in her Insta story.

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In fact, an autumn picnic in nature – especially in the low grass – can be appropriate Persons Especially now it has bitter consequences, because at the end of summer the larvae of orange-spotted animals hatch. The bite causes itching (up to two weeks!), redness of the skin and sprouting, infected people should itch according to “Pharmacy Journal“But it must be avoided at all costs, otherwise it can lead to inflammation.

Instead, it is recommended to cool a part of the body or treat it with antihistamines to relieve itching. When in doubt, as is often the case: it is best to consult a doctor.

Katja Burkard continues to work with RTL

A nasty mite bite doesn’t seem to stop Burchard from continuing to work. The RTL logo has been placed in new colors on the station’s homepage since Wednesday, and the “RTLplus” sub-version is now called “RTLup”. The moderator is happy with her Instagram story: After that, my new health program ‘How are you? “.

Katja Burchard does not show anything.

Katja Burchard does not show anything.

Photo: katja_burkard_official / instagram

In addition, Burkard showed how they were in the RTL competition books He signed and presented himself in front of the camera with a bouquet of flowers denoting the new digital home of the presenter “RTL United”. “Today we at RTL are as colorful as this flower bouquet. With United we want to say: We are more diverse, hotter, more diverse.”

RTL presenter displays the bulging region

Finally, she actually submitted a photo of her ankle, which seems to still need cooling. Apparently, the photo was taken when Burchard was sitting in the mask on RTL.

After all, she had good news for her followers: “Fortunately, the threshold has already decreased,” she wrote about the recording. In fact, Katja Burchard was also present at the German Television Awards Thursday night, so the incident doesn’t seem to limit her (anymore).