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Nino from Vienna: Bob Dylan from Hirschstetten

Nino from Vienna: Bob Dylan from Hirschstetten

He tirelessly produces one hit album after another. Shy writer, singer and songwriter, restless only on stage, is not afraid of strong emotions.

Hirschstein. in Donaustadt. 22. puffed up.

The Vienna region is the home of Austrian rocket pioneer Guido von Berke, who calculated the trajectories of space probes of many planets. The Book of Venus, published in 1928, was used in exactly the same way 33 years later by the first planetary probe to Venus.

And at Hirschstetten, between the bathing pool, it was The first Art Nouveau movie theater in Stadlau 60,000 square meters of flora and fauna grow in the city’s flower gardens Nino from Vienna In: “The Country’s Best Young Singer-Songwriter” as described over ten years ago on the cover of “Walter”.

Writer, singer and songwriter, born in 1987, Nino Mandel, who wrote his first works myspace He was released, and he had you’re a fool Suddenly I knew in the music scene. He’s an account with his friend: “You’re a sting, we wove sweetie, I don’t forgive it, well . . . my heart, it’s breaking now, tears are drawing near.”

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