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Kay Leekenbroker: piano

Kay Leekenbroker: piano

You cannot classify his music into any genre. The piano album, released in the spring of 2022, contains ten tracks from a collection of songs that highly curious Cologne keyboardist Kai Leekenbroker calls “composer improvisation.”

The longer you listen to tricks, the more you like them. It’s well-known wisdom that imaginative improvisation – straight from the heart with no formal concept – belongs only to a better musician. Liekenbröcker is also well received with his personal style and timbre.

He did not swim towards nirvana in the calm and serene “neoclassical river”, nor does he produce his music via an app. Rather, it is based on the self-sufficient character of music, because music ultimately promotes feelings of self-sufficiency at best. The kinetic structure is also important to him for his music, sometimes he consciously chooses self-imposed restrictions so as not to change the motives too often.

He trained in Hanover and worked on the Fury album production and then as a sound engineer. The year he was born, 1964, would have said more about his romantic inclinations, but the seasoned listener in particular is happy to accept the dimensions of “The Ten Piano Art Crowns,” “rich in aromas and spices that keep body and soul together.” The new piano album will only be distributed digitally, which is actually a shame for it to be distributed. So creating the brochure was not necessary.

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