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Nintendo Switch - OLED prototype under test

Nintendo Switch – OLED prototype under test

Is new always better?

when i did that Nintendo Switch OLED Model By the way, I was absolutely convinced that the console was even lighter than the standard version. But this is not the case, because the weight including the two Joy cons It is actually about 20 grams more! People always say black should make you look thin, but white seems to have had a similar effect on me. When playing, it’s lying converts Like its predecessor, it is well within reach and runs between 4.5 and 9 hours, depending on the software used. The speakers have also been finely tuned and now clearer sound can be heard when operating.

The biggest kid I had a hardware issue during testing was the shoulder button on the left Joy cons, which turned out to be above average on my test form. The software is still the same, and nothing has changed here, even if I personally wanted more designs than black or white. Moving my user from the old machine to the new one was a bit cumbersome or somewhat tedious. In the options under User, you can easily and simply specify which user to move from the console. Data is also copied in the fastest time – so far so much fun! However, after the transfer was over, I had to search for and re-download every one of my downloadable games from the store. This falls under the category of first world problems, but I was hoping for a fairly user-friendly solution. Another small drawback is that you must first format and delete the memory card of the old console before you can use it on an OLED model.

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But you can definitely do a little longer without a storage medium, because the new medium converts It has twice the memory, i.e. a full 64GB, for storing games and screenshots. The OLED model can be combined with all popular accessories and can even be housed in the predecessor’s docking station (small updates may be here).